Manthropologie - Design and Build

date. 2017

city. Portland, Or


Design and Build

"Manthropologie" was a group project that I worked on during my time as a front-end design student at Epicodus. For the course, we were required to design and build a website. My group decided to re-create Anthropologie's site, but with a more masculine twist. We visited Anthropologie and took some design inspiration from different textures, colors, and styles. We built an e-commerce site using Angular, with a Firebase database for storing our "products". We spent five days on the project, and are very pleased with how it turned out. From the design end, we designed the website from a mobile-first approach. We faced our largest challenges from a design stand point with the images that we used. It was difficult to get the right image proportion, but we were able to find many good images to use on the site.