Crystal Meza Homes - Design and Build

date. 2018

city. Oregon City, OR

Crystal Meza Mockups_72x.png

Crystal Meza Homes

Design and Build

Crystal Meza needed a website for her realty business. As a realtor with many years of experience, she wanted a site that stood out from other realtor's websites. Crystal's website needed to be as unique, bubbly, and friendly as her personality; it needed to "sparkle", as she put it. 

Working with Crystal was a dream; she easily conveyed her desire for a straightforward website that enabled her to easily add her real estate listings, blog postings so she could easily share news, and a social media strategy that included links to her website to drive traffic to her personal page. 

We built Crystal a website that included many of her branded photography. Crystal had a photographer friend who took some excellent photos of Crystal and Carla Knopp, Crystal's sister and associate realtor. Together with some of Crystal's favorite fonts and colors, we made Crystal's site really sparkle.


Take a look at Crystal's website. And if you are in need of an excellent realtor, give Crystal and Carla a call.